Monday, June 16, 2008

The Par-tee!

We celebrated Baby Rae's first birthday on Saturday with the grandparents. It was the perfect shindig. The only bummer is the birthday girl came down with a stomach bug that night and Mommy got to see all that cake and corn in a much less appetizing form in the wee hours of the morning. Lucky for you I only took pictures of the original cake, not the encore one.

The cake (I can't take credit. Nana and Pop crafted this delicious concoction. I made these simple treats on the day of Rae's actual birthday.)

The cake (and corn) eater

Think the hat's big enough?

The birthday girl and her big sis

The birthday girl and Daddy

The birthday girl and Mommy
(PHOTO CREDIT: Big sister Madeline)

Is "Top Model" accepting new contestants? (NOTE: We always take a few "serious" family photos at special occasions and at least one silly photo.Yes, this is the silly one.)

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*Jess* said...

I can't believe she is one!! Happy Birthday Rae!

And I love the family picture :)