Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hers: This fish sure has lived a long time.
Mine: Uh. Yeah, it's been like 16 hours since we welcomed it into our family.

Hers (showing me a wilted weed):
Look at this flower. Isn't it beautiful?
Mine: Well, it's not a rose, but...

Hers (as she throws open the curtains in our dining area): See! Oh, now we can see the beautiful morning. We can see the birdies. And dragonflies. (Pushing the curtains open further.) See that birdie at the top of that tree? See? Isn't it big? Oh, it's really high. Look how high it is, Mommy! Oh, there's a robin. A robin! See him? (Spontaneously singing made-up tune now.) A robin! La-la-la. A robin! (Spontaneous singing stops.) They're eating their breakfast, too!
Mine: Okay, how's that for a good morning? Was I just feeling a wee bit tired and grumpy? Not anymore. It is a rather pretty morning. Gotta take this kiddo to see Oklahoma. Then she can belt out "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" during breakfast.

Hers: Mommy, can we plant dandelions in our garden someday?
Mine: You don't see the weeds. You only see the beauty. Don't ever change.

So much of the way we view life is a matter of perspective. Madeline is a born optimist. Her go-to response to almost any question is "Great."

"How are you doing?"


"How are you feeling?" as snot drips out of her nose.


"How's Baby Rae?" who just enjoyed an all-night puke fest.


"How did you sleep?"

"Great." She woke up, thrashing from a nightmare, not once, but twice.

Go ahead and ask me how I feel to be the mom of such an eternal optimist and I'll probably say, "Great!" (And a bit proud, too.)

Madeline, thank you for your wonderful outlook on life. Thank you for helping me to rediscover the beauty of a dandelion and a summer morning. I love spending time with you and I'm so lucky to be your mom.

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