Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's My Mind?

Is it still in bed? Maybe. Is it here but just a little slow? Definitely.

Once upon a time I actually got paid to edit others' work. I know, pretty scary, considering all the mental gaffes that find their way into my posts. I had to correct at least a half dozen typos I found in my last post over at my other blog. (Please don't hold it against me, okay?) I swear, I read that post this morning before "publishing" and those typos were not there. It's really kind of starting to freak me out how I'm missing things. Oh, and I don't like the fact that I poured yogurt into the top of the peanut butter jar instead of into a bowl during lunchtime either.

That's not all. I once almost brushed my teeth with diaper ointment, put a carton of eggs in the pantry, and spelled my own last name wrong on an envelope (Wiker instead of Wicker). I wish I could say these sort of things happened in my pre-mom days, but they just didn’t or at least not all in a 24-hour time span. I know countless mothers who lament that their brain cells exponentially die off as their waistlines widen with pregnancy and that they continue perishing after their babies have arrived. One friend of mine said that on a particularly rough day in the trenches of mommyhood, she actually sat down on a toilet and almost started to pee before realizing she hadn’t pulled down her jeans or even unzipped them.

But even though diapers and ditsy spells may seem to go hand in hand, I’m vehemently opposed of the notion that motherhood makes us dumber and that raising young children – while society claims it’s very important – is often dull and depraved of intellectual stimulation. For me, the process of teaching and interacting with a young child demands multitasking, acting quick on my feet, and a good dose of creativity. In any given day, I’m part accountant (quickly calculating the estimated cost of the groceries in my cart), part school-teacher (“B is for ball.”), part engineer (erecting a makeshift blockade that will keep a little one from emptying the bookcase for the umpteenth time), part doctor (determining whether symptoms warrant immediate medical care or just some TLC), and part chef (concocting a meal both children will actually eat instead of chucking across the kitchen).

That said, fussy babies, strong-willed preschoolers, a lack of shuteye and all of the responsibilities that little kids bring can undoubtedly zap their share of brainpower. And it’s easy to feel like I'm losing myself and my mind in a world of baby chatter, board books filled with monosyllabic words and Walt Disney.

In spite of the increased typo occurrences, the funny things that sometimes come out of my mouth, and my absentmindedness, I know my kids make me smarter (or at least wiser), not dumber.

I'm wondering, though, what are some things you've done in a tired mommy state? C'mon, spill the beans. (Is that the right expression? I can't be sure.) Make me feel better. While you're at it, do you have any tips on how you boost your cerebral capacity amidst finger paint, talking vegetables, and temper tantrums? I make myself read and write a little every single day. What about you?

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*Jess* said...

Just yesterday, I took Jaina and Jayce to play in the fountain at Barnet Park downtown. Jayce has a habit of running off, so I really have to keep a close eye on him.

After a brief conversation with my neighbor sitting next to me, I scanned the fountain area again out of habit. I immediately saw Jaina. But couldn't see Jayce. I wasn't panicky yet, but did wonder outloud... "I don't see Jayce" to which my neighbor kindly pointed out that he was sitting right in my lap in front of me.