Sunday, June 22, 2008

Momopoly Closed for Business

What are you doing here? The action's taking place over there.

Why? It's simple, really. I have two kids under four, a resident for a husband, a freelance writing career of sorts, homeschoolers to teach, and a faith life to cultivate. Do I really need two blogs?

After much prayer and deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that no, two blogs is one too many. One blog may even be one too many when you happen to give birth to children who think sleep is overrated

My other blog has more of a regular following, so I've decided to close this one down. However, I shouldn't really say Momopoly is closed for business because I'm keeping the name and most of the content but just moving it over yonder.

You'll still get me airing my dirty laundry - you know those days when I make poor Britney Spears look like a model mom (and make other moms feel like they're not the only ones who occasionally yell at their kids). You'll still get stories about my milky boobs and sleepless kiddos. You'll still get inspiration from small people sharing unexpectedly big thoughts. But you may also get some pontificating here and there on some Catholic stuff that might make you say, "Uh what?" (No, I don't worship statues or practice cannibalism.) Above all, you'll get one mom's online tale of how, with the grace of God, she has become a mommy who "will work for children" no matter the cost (even if it means never sleeping a full eight hours again...oh, dear God, I hope not...).

Please, my loyal friends and readers, consider joining me over there by subscribing at If you haven't already, give Google Reader a try. It makes your blog addiction much easier to sustain. Plus, you can easily peruse what you want to read on a particular blog and skip over the rest.

Thank you for sharing life in the trenches of motherhood with me. I hope you'll continue to trudge along with me.

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