Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is Your Yard More than Half Covered in Snow?

Mine is, at least in the optimistic and hopeful eyes of Madeline. We woke up this morning and threw the curtains aside to check the weather after experiencing a rare Georgia snowfall yesterday.

I peered out at the patchy grass that looked more like a swamp where a few ice cubes were melting away than a winter wonderland. "Oh, the snow is all melting," I sighed. After watching Madeline gleefully play in the flurries last evening and neglecting to capture the moment on film, I'd hoped we'd still have some white stuff to enjoy today. "Oh well," I added.

Madeline ran up behind me. "Oh my gosh," she exclaimed. "Look at all 'dat' snow!"

She's definitely "the glass is half full, our yard is more than half covered in snow" kind of person.

I could learn a lot from her.

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