Sunday, November 25, 2007

In Need of Mom Quotes for Pregnancy Magazine Article

Time for a selfish plug: I’m working on an article for Pregnancy magazine on postpartum body surprises and need some mom quotes. Here’s the gist of the article: Many moms focus so much on their body while they’re pregnant that they may be surprised by some of the major physical changes that happen after Baby’s in their arms. Were you startled by something about your post-baby body? Maybe, like me, you were shocked by the clumps of hair that clogged the sink drain after giving birth. Or, maybe you woke up in a pool of sweat and wondered if menopause was coming really early.

In the article, I'll cover these and other postpartum “aftershocks” like uterine cramps, stretch marks that appear after you give birth, perineal/vaginal pain, changes in your gums and/or teeth, constipation and frequent urination, etc. However, please don’t be limited by the list. If you have any anecdotes or even better - tips on how you dealt with a particular post-baby ailment, drop me a line at I’d also love a quote from a mom about why all these things – from stretch marks to sore bums – are a small price to pay for the gift of life. Yada, yada, yada. You get the idea! I need any responses by no later than Saturday, December 8th. Thanks!

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