Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giveaway Galore!

This is my first big giveaway in honor me blogging for nearly three years. My official blogiversary doesn't arrive until February, but I thought it might be nice to do a giveaway before Christmas as a gift to my wonderful readers.

To participate in the giveaway, leave a comment on or before Friday, November 27th. Please be sure to indicate what prize(s) you'd like to enter to win. If you want a chance of winning any of them, just write, "All." There will be one winner per prize. Winners will be announced the first week in December. Good luck, and thank you for encouraging me as a wife, mother, writer, dreamer, goof ball, and a Christian!

Many thanks to my giveaway sponsors!

Prize 1

One Planet Mom T-shirt of your choice. Choose from these witty styles. (I personally like the "Pray-At-Home Mom" and "Seeking Tall, Dark, Rich Cup of Coffee" tees.)

Prize 2
A copy of The Heart of Motherhood by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle. This is one of many books I read while on bed rest, and it was just what my midwife ordered: A book that calmed my soul and encouraged me as a mom. What's more, Donna-Marie endured strict bed rest with her fifth child for almost her entire pregnancy after her uterus hemorrhaged, so I felt a personal connection to her and thought I could surely make it through a month of bed rest with her as my inspiration.

If you've ever questioned your value as a mom (and really, what mom hasn't when at the end of the day she finds streaks of diaper ointment in her hair, finger paint on her walls, and crushed Cheerios in her carpet?), then pick up any one of Donna-Marie's books for a little pick-me-up. In her conversational style, the mother of five extols motherhood as a God-given vocation and as a means of growing in holiness.

Prize 3
A scone pan from, one of the CSN Store brands. Then you can easily whip up some tasty scones for a holiday tea, cookie swap, or potluck! While you're clicking, check out the chic and colorful Alessi line of cookware and home accessories.

Prize 4
A Premium membership upgrade to, your party planning e-headquarters, for ONE YEAR ( a $49.95 value).

A MyPunchbowl Premium Membership gives you:

- Premium designs
- More fonts, papers, and ribbons
- Advertising free invitations and eCards
- Priority tech support
- Exclusive partner offers

And to all my readers, a 10 percent discount for Tag-A-Bag, a nifty and useful key chain tag that allows you to record all of your children's vital information and then clip it to a diaper bag, backpack, or luggage tote. The Tag-A-Bag kit includes a fold-out card with a spot to attach a recent photograph of your child and record important info like parents' contact information, your pediatrician's phone number, your child's blood type, date of birth, eye and hair color, the poison control number, medication information, and allergies.

The Tag-A-Bag kit also includes a disposable ink strip for recording your child's fingerprint as well as a simple medical release statement you can sign, which authorizes someone else to provide medical treatment in the event that you're not available. Mompreneur Stephanie Green invented Tag-A-Bag a few years ago after sending her then 2-year-old (she has recently added a set of twins to her family!) to stay with her parents. Stephanie's no fear monger; she just wanted to have an easy, convenient way of keeping her daughter's "vitals" in one place.

Tag-A-Bag kits are regularly $6, but visit Tag-A-Bag now and enter "tagmybag" in the coupon field to receive the 10 discount.

Thanks again for supporting Momopoly!


ViolinMama said...

Oh Kate - I love reading you for YOU, and I don't need such prizes, if you want to twist my arm :)

I love the T Shirt, the book sounds AWESOME, and the scone pan sound delightful.

I'm not sure with a baby I'll be doing many parties, so I may leave that one to someone crafty :)

Thank you Kate...this is fun! :) Much love!!

Kate said...

I'd be thrilled with a t-shirt, the book, or the scone pan. What a lovely give-away!

Long time lurker, though infrequent poster here. What I love best about your blog is that you come off as human - like all the rest of us! :-)

Kris said...

Would love the t-shirt, book or scone pan!!! Thanks for doing this - another think to link to my favorites...!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Oooooh! Prizes! I love it! I want them all.
But I don't need prizes to read your blog. That's a prize in itself!

Rachel said...

Ooooh, all of those sound great! Count me in!

BTW, I loved the picture of Miss M.E. almost crawling. All those rolls put my petite one to shame!

Catholic Mommy Brain said...

Congrats on 3 yrs. of great writing! Thanks for what you do!

Anonymous said...

True confession: I have never made scones.

Congrats on three years. You are wise beyond your years!

Blair said...

I'd love to enter for all of them! Thanks, Kate!

Ansley said...

Kate, I always enjoy reading your blog....wonderful writing!
I would love to enter my name in the drawing for the scone pan.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
God bless,

Laura said...

Love reading your blog! Count me in for anything except the MyPunchBowl membership.

And thanks!

JennyM said...

Fun! I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few months since I found it! I'd love any of the items except for the mypunchbowl membership (someday I'll be able to host all the lovely gatherings of my dreams, for now our life makes it a little difficult!).

Thanks, Kate! Looking forward to many, many more wonderful posts from you!

Nicole Palm said...

I always enjoy reading your blog- thank you so much. Congrats on 3 years of writing! I would love to enter my name in the drawing for the t-shirt and the scone pan.
God bless, Nicole

Colleen said...

A exciting!! And congrats on your almost blogaversary :)

OK, I love the shirt that says "World's Greatest Mom, while my kids are in school"! Heehee, that is so me!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now! Thanks for the contest.

I am really interested in prize #2 (the book) because I am about to become a mom next April, and am trying to decide if I want to stay at home with the baby or go back to work...

Kathleen said...

Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom. Thanks, too, for organizing a fun giveaway. I would be happy to win any of the prizes you have collected here, but the book and the scone pan would most meet my needs at present. Thanks so much!! Katie

*Jess* said...

I do believe that scone pan has my name on it :)

Love ya Katie Wicker!!

Sarah Reinhard said...

Wowzah, woman! Thanks for hosting this, and enter me in the fun! :)

Elizabeth M said...

I've been reading Momopoly for a while, but just started on your review site.

Thanks for sharing your life and insights with us!

I'd love a chance for the T-shirt, book, or scone pan....

Thanks and happy blogiversary (almost)!

ElderFamofSix said...

You know Kate I stayed up way too late the other night reading through your blog posts...and that was before you enticed me with giveaways :) Thanks for including your "non-virtual" friends! (Would love to win Prize #1-3)
stacy e.

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

How fun you are doing reviews now too! I would LOVE the book or scone fan. If I don't win I will def. be checking out this book sounds fabulous.

Hobo Mama said...

I love the fabulousness of having a dedicated scone pan.

I've added your giveaway to my McLinky, just so's you know!

Amy Webb said...

Great giveaway! I'd like to enter for the t-shirt, book, or scone pan. I love reading your posts, especially your reflections on motherhood as a vocation. Keep up the good work!

Aubrey said...

I'd love a chance to win one of the prizes. Thanks for the offer! :)

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

I'm posting an email message on behalf of my aunt who says she can't figure out all of this technology but does read my blog via email (I promise no nepotism; I'm using one of those random generator thingies at for the sweepstakes).

Anyway, she asked me to share her comment: "We should all be giving YOU thank you gifts for not only sharing your life with us but also your Catholic-Christian response to your life. THANK YOU and God bless this important ministry. Since I like to win things as much as any, if it is not too late, please enter me for the t-shirt and book."

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

And I should add that everyone has been way too nice with their comments. But, boy, have you encouraged me. I'm thankful for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving. Winners will be announced some time next week at my main blog. God bless!

Chere said...

I read your blog almost daily, Kate, and would love to win "all"! Through you, I re-live the days as a stay-at-home mom of 5, and heard about your blog more than a year ago from my daughter, who is a stay-at-home mom of 3!

Jamie M said...

I'd love to be part of all the giveaways too!

I must confess, I've never made scones, but my DH is getting me a new stand mixer for Christmas, so maybe I'll give them a try soon!

happy Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

I'd like to try for 1, 2 or 3. I haven't read your blog before. I saw this on twitter. But I'm adding you to my RSS reader. Thanks for the opportunity!
amythomas at gmail dot com

Joan said...

I'd love to win one of these prizes Kate! I love reading what you write, and thanks so much for your article! I thought you did a great job!

Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

Nicole Palm, not sure if you saw that you're big winner, but I need you to please email me with your contact info so I can get you your t-shirt.