Saturday, June 7, 2008


Golden (Born ???-died June 5, 2008). Beloved friend to Madeline. Preceded in death by Birdy. Golden began his life in an overcrowded tank at the Pet Supermarket. He watched many of his family members leave their watery sanctuary and bravely awaited the day when he too would bid farewell to the only home he'd ever known. That day came on June 3, 2008 when a smiling 3-year-old named Madeline chose him, along with Birdy who was an older, distant cousin, to be her new pets. Golden loved his new home and seemed the picture of health even when Birdy was in his final hours. Unfortunately, after Birdy, who was more than a tank mate but also a faithful friend, passed on, Golden took a turn for the worse and died only two days later. Golden is survived by Birdy II who seems to be faring well despite the rather bleak track record for the tank of the Wicker household. Some have to make a lot of noise to be heard, but since goldfish can't talk or bark or do much of anything but eat, poop, and die, Golden was heard by his sheer, glittery gold presence. He will be remembered. Golden was laid to rest somewhere in a septic tank. RIP.

Golden, you brought our girls much happiness.

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