Sunday, January 13, 2008

Show Business

Gaba and Papa (my parents) took Madeline and me to see Annie at the Fox Theatre yesterday. Leading up to the big event, Madeline was frequently “forming” (translation: performing) for a captive audience (Dave, Rachel Marie and me) on her “big stage” (a not-so-big patch of open carpet in our living room).

Just before we left for the show Madeline announced, “When I get older and bigger…When I’m a teenager, I want to dance and sing on a big stage like at the Fox ‘E-ah-ter.’ Alright?”

Dave peered at me with raised eyebrows. “Hmmm…I wonder where she gets this from…”

Considering I’d just finished crooning Tomorrow at the top of my lungs immediately after stomping around lamenting that it’s a “hard knock life for us,” I have an itsy-bitsy inkling that her drama queen tendencies come from my side of the gene pool.

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