Friday, December 21, 2007

Grandparents vs. Mommies

While eating breakfast this morning, Madeline was eyeing my coffee. "Coffee not good for me?" she asked.

"It has something called caffeine in it that little kids really shouldn't have," I said.

(Yeah, I'm a nursing mom and I drink the real stuff, but rest assured, my lactation consultant/mother-in-law ensures me a little caffeine is just fine. Actually, she's frequently the one handing me - the tired mommy - a cup of joe. So I suppose my statement wasn't entirely truthful considering my 6-month-old may get a teeny-tiny bit of caffeine during snack time.)

"'Member when Nana gave me coffee? In a cup? With milk?"

Nana is the same aforementioned lactation consultant who reported (confessed?) that she recently gave Madeline a cup filled with mostly milk and a drop or two of coffee.

"I remember," I said. "Grandparents sometimes do things for you as a special treat."

"But not mommies." This was not a question. Ouch.

"That's not true," I said (defended?). "Mommies do special things for their kids, too."

Madeline did not look convinced. In fact, from the look her face the score was clear:

Grandparents - 1
Mommies - 0

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