Friday, November 9, 2007

Now Hear This

Earlier this week, I heard the annoying noise of the landscapers at work. They arrive onsite at our townhome community in throngs and all day their industrial blowers and mowers roar, making naptime a bit of a challenge.

“Oh, I hear the landscapers,” I sighed.

Usually, Madeline hears the deafening noise and says something like, "Silly landscapers."

On this particular day she became very still and appeared to be really concentrating.

“I don’t hear the landscapers,” she finally said.

“Really? Why not?” I asked since the sound of the mower traveling across our tiny strip of grass was ear-piercingly loud.

“Because my ears are lazy.”

Hmmm... Wish my ears were lazy enough to shut out not only the maddening landscapers but also the whining that's currently reaching record decibels. "I want a snack! I want a snack!"

Indolent, loafing ears, tune it all out!

No such luck.

"'Peas,' Mommy," said in a polite, non-whiny voice.

Now that's something I like to hear. Off to get some grapes...

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