Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birthday Girl

Today is Madeline's third birthday and I'm letting her be queen for the day. First on the queen's agenda: Get all decked out. She raided her dress-up trunk and put together this get-up. We have quite the fashionista on our hands. Being stylish clearly comes naturally to Madeline.

When she saw the picture on the computer screen, she giggled and said, "I look like a silly man because I have big eyebrows."

I was happy to hear this "silly man" giggling. Yesterday she woke up with a high fever and didn't really want to do anything but rest (very atypical for our energetic, sleep-is-my-worst-enemy little girl). Last night she curled up beside me, radiating heat, and frequently asked for sips of water. Early this morning we gave her some more children's Motrin and the fever has abated for now. But fever or no fever, this birthday queen isn't going to let anything spoil her special day.

Now that she's all dressed, it's time to go play with Colorforms (a gift she opened this morning from her Gaba and Papa) and "type" some emails on my laptop. Ah, my mini monarch beckons...

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*Jess* said...

Happy Birthday Princess Madeline!!