Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mark Maddy's Words

During dinner I was telling Madeline she'd soon be considered a preschooler and not a toddler anymore. I'm not sure why I was sharing this with her. It was just a random topic of conversation.

"Go to school?" she immediately asked after I'd enlightened her. She apparently was focusing on the “school” part of preschooler.


"With Mommy?"

"Yes. I'm going to homeschool you for now."

"Go with Mommy to high school, too." This was a statement, not a question.

Dave and I started laughing. "Oh, if only I had this on tape, Maddy," I said. "One day when you're screaming at me and telling me to go away, I'll have to tell you that you once wanted me to go to high school with you."

Madeline stared at me blankly and then said, "I want you to go to school with me."

Keep on thinking that, my sweet, sweet child.

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