Thursday, October 25, 2007

Job Perks

I’m a big girl now. I earned a sticker for “nursing Baby Rae really good,” according to Madeline. She also made me some “artwork” (her exact words), which consisted of cut-up shreds of colored paper (she’s really into using her safety scissors these days), and told me, “I made some artwork for a ‘pize.’ When you use the potty like a big girl, you’ll get some artwork, Mommy.”

I used the potty and was rewarded. Hooray for Mommy!

Rachel Marie also said, “Mama.” It was just a coincidence, of course, but my heart melted nonetheless when she started to cry out while Dave was holding her and I looked into her goopy eyes (we’re all sick around here) and said, “Mama’s coming,” and without missing a beat, she squawked, “Mama!”

It’s been a good week despite the germ infestation. Who needs a paycheck when you get these kind of job perks?

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