Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Madeline's Cinderella and Prince

Yesterday when Dave got home from work, Madeline told him he was the prince. Then she looked at me and said I was Cinderella. I’m not a big fan of the whole princess craze, but Madeline has seen Cinderella and has some Disney figurines she loves to give baths when she’s marinating in a frothy bubble bath (she tells me she's getting them ready for a party). And admittedly, I was flattered that she sees Dave and me, especially in our haggard, overtired state, as a prince and Cinderella. After assigning us our roles she instructed us to dance. So Dave and I began dancing in the living room to a captivated audience. You would have thought we were Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers based on the wide smile on Madeline’s face. She must have not noticed the way we both kept tripping over one another’s feet. When I curtseyed, she exploded into a fervent applause.

Despite my clumsy dancing and drab appearance, I felt like the belle of the ball with my husband leading me across an impromptu dance floor, my toddler smiling at us and our newest reason to smile – Baby Rae – cooing from the bassinet.

I think we’ll all live happily, if not sleepily, ever after…

P.S. Please stay tuned to my blogs. I apologize in advance that they won’t be updated quite as regularly. Rachel Marie has been an easy baby who rarely cries and just sleeps and eats between brief alert periods when we get a peek at her deep blue eyes (I keep wondering if they’ll end up my shade of bluish-green or deepen into the chocolate brown color of Madeline and Dave’s eyes). However, I’m, of course, still up frequently at night and last night our 2 1/2 year old insomniac kept us awake with several nocturnal visits and Baby Rae may have caught Madeline’s cold based on her constant snorting. Poor Dave had his mock oral boards today for radiology. At least my brain can be mush and I can still manage to function. Deciphering CT scans and understanding radiologic physics, I imagine, demands more cerebral capacity.

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