Monday, June 4, 2007

Gestating Machine

Yes, I am still here and yes, the bun is still in the oven (a good thing, I keep telling myself). Don't get me wrong: I am a firm believer in babies coming naturally and in their own due time. Still, I'm only human and being stuck in this "Baby could come any day - second, minute - now" stage is driving me a little nutty. I am waiting on pins and needles - literally. My cervix feels more like a pin cushion than the soft, pliable "door" all those ridiculous pregnancy books liken it to. I'm constantly assaulted by deep, sharp twinges down there (a sensation I never experienced with Madeline). It's like I'm getting a two-week-long Pap smear, not a particularly pleasant feeling. It's all worth it though. Soon (please!) I'll get to meet our second baby. I will transform from a gestating machine to a dairy queen. Bring it on!

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